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Posted by Ron Robins on November 4, 2007

Investing for the Soul (www.investingforthesoul.com) is a site I have developed since 2002. Its premise is that if we desire a better world, and/or are concerned about our spiritual development, about ethics, or the environment, etc., then we must incorporate such higher values in investing decisions. The reason for this is that when we invest in a company, or many companies in the case of a mutual fund, we share in the responsibility for the activities of those companies as well as participate in the outcomes of their corporate actions.

So let us invest in companies whose activities we believe are most helpful to us spiritually, ethically, and for life, generally! Helping you accomplish such goals and available at the Investing for the Soul website are pages covering: Ethical Investing News And Commentary, Article Archives, Books, Research Links, Ethical Investing Services and Ethical Investing Workshops.

By applying our ethical and higher values to investing, we not only help create a better life for all of us, but potentially enjoy higher profits from our investments as well. The accumulating masses of investment reports and studies (see Article Archives) suggest that outperformance of portfolio returns is frequently possible by employing ethical investing strategies.

I know investors will find the news, information and resources at Investing for the Soul invaluable with regard to their investing performance and for their personal fulfillment.


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